All I want for 2019 …

Every year around this time I feel pressurised, cheated in some ways ….. and have to work very hard to stop myself from feeling stressed. It shouldn’t be like this, right? I mean, we just had a lovely Christmas, enjoying family time, delicious food and have made some wonderful memories. A new year has arrived […]

10 Top Tips for Trimester 4

From the moment your baby is born, it all feels a bit hazy! There are so many things happening, information to take in as well as your own recovery and emotions. Trimester 4 is those first 12 weeks of being a Mum, where everything is new and we all just muddle our way through, but […]

7 Top Tips to guide you through Christmas!

Christmas isn’t just one day, or even 3 or 4 days of ‘holiday’ it is a whole month of preparation, shopping and organising. And that’s before we get to the socialising, food, nativity plays and wrapping of gifts! So here our my top 7 things to make your Christmas a little more manageable! 1. Hatch […]

Keeping it Fresh

I am often asked how we should ‘keep up the good work’, what happens as things ‘plateau out’ or need a ‘boost’ to maintain our good intentions. For me these questions are often the crux of the issue … we shouldn’t be all about the quick fixes or the need to constantly ‘better ourselves’. Lets […]

Mental health and motherhood – developing a diary for the fourth trimester.

The first twelve weeks of a baby’s life has been termed ‘the fourth trimester’, to account for the intense needs that a newborn baby has during this time. Adjusting to life outside the womb for babies is a gradual business, and for new mums, the acknowledgement of a fourth trimester for themselves can be helpful […]

Hints and Tips

We know it can feel overwhelming and daunting walking into a class for the first time – as we’ve all done it. We promise when you turn up you will receive a friendly face, a warm smile and all the support you need. And that’s just from the other ladies in the class! Here are […]

New Term, New Start?

As September beckons and our thoughts turn away from the Summer into Autumn and the new school year, I am debating whether September is the new January? Fresh start, resurrect those promises we made ourselves all those months back. A time to reset, refocus and give those goals another go. With the lack of routine […]

Birth Preparation

I was so happy to find Fit and Healthy Mums when I reached the second trimester of my pregnancy. Keeping fit and healthy throughout pregnancy was very important to me, having been very active previously and from my very first Fit4birth class I knew I had found the perfect place for me. For first time […]

Travelling with Little People!?

Hands up if moving around has become a bit of a military operation! Tetris style puzzles to fill the car, roof box and every footwell is heaving! Stuff literally everywhere? I can remember my first holiday with a little person, it wasn’t really a holiday – just a change of scenery and actually a lot […]

What is Diastasis Recti?

Diastasis recti is the separation of the abdominal muscles, usually as a result of pregnancy. As your abdomen expands and grows for your baby, the muscles stretch and move around. They are doing their job, protecting your baby, allowing him/her to grow and develop. So many changes occur within the tummy during pregnancy, the rib […]