New Term, New Start?

As September beckons and our thoughts turn away from the Summer into Autumn and the new school year, I am debating whether September is the new January? Fresh start, resurrect those promises we made ourselves all those months back. A time to reset, refocus and give those goals another go. With the lack of routine […]

Travelling with Little People!?

Hands up if moving around has become a bit of a military operation! Tetris style puzzles to fill the car, roof box and every footwell is heaving! Stuff literally everywhere? I can remember my first holiday with a little person, it wasn’t really a holiday – just a change of scenery and actually a lot […]

My Not So Perfect Life!

My Not So Perfect Life As I sit in a coffee shop, a rare treat to actually sit you understand and not be ‘entertaining’ and doing some ‘colouring in’ whilst attempting a conversation. I mean actually sit and people watch – bliss! I watch the surface actions of lots of Mums, all around me. Meeting […]