Join the team at fit and healthy mums

Would you love to work with pre and postnatal women? Are you looking for a rewarding career? Would you like to feel a million dollars when you make someone’s day? Plus work flexible hours, fit in important family time and give something back to your local community?

We are looking for new team members who would like to spread the word and create your very own business based on our highly successful brand and business model. Having worked with 1000’s of pre and postnatal women, we can show you not only the ropes on the really important things like customer service, session planning and training. But we will most definitely be helping you with all those ‘scary words’ like marketing and finance. Which are not scary at all and were pretty much my working life for my pre baby career!

Maybe you are already trained in one area and would like to get some more classes under your belt, or maybe you want to build a valued network of specialists in your area? Or do you like what you see but have an fan-dabby-dozy idea that you think would be perfect and benefit us all!

So what do you need? A great big smile, be able to lend an ear, think on your feet and have some fire in your belly! It’s a lot if fun and you will be rewarded for your hard work.

From 1 class a week to a proven business model, all from the kitchen table – we are proof you can make it happen, just believe! There is blood, sweat, tears and hard work but it’s all yours and we are here to help, support, encourage and motivate you! This is our passion and you will definitely not be left on your own, use our knowledge and experience to grow your very own kingdom!

And why are we different to other licensing businesses? As we are not a one trick pony, we don’t just operate in one market like fitness or massage, we serve pre and postnatal women across all the markets that they demand. We are a full circle business to our clients, so they don’t need to go anywhere else!

Get in touch, and tell us where you would like to start your empire!