Hypnobirthing Encouraging a feeling of tranquillity, through relaxation and breathing techniques

Hypnobirthing is a well known way of preparing women, and their birthing partners, for labour. We know that your best mates friend had a bit of a tough time, and your colleague has relayed all the gory details of his wife’s experience. We know that there are lots of options, too many choices and often a feeling of being overwhelmed by the mass of information.

Well we thought how about a different approach, how about feeling calm, in control and well advised so you can make informed decisions.

That’s how our hypnobirthing can help you. Encouraging a feeling of tranquillity, through relaxation and breathing techniques; learning new tools to use to enable you to reduce stress, anxiety, fears and as a result pain. We teach you through breathing and deep relaxation as well as visualisation, combined with positive thought and language so you feel in control and completely at ease. Sounds wonderful!

We are looking for a special someone who would like to help us share the hypnobirthing love – please contact us!

Things we love at Fit and Healthy Mums

Things we love about hypnobirthing:

Learn techniques for labour that actually work, feeling of calm and control, can reduce risk of medical intervention – if that’s what you choose, help to release any fears you may have, feel prepared and that you have choices.