Fit and Healthy Mum Events

Welcome to our Workshop Wednesdays!

Each month we will be delving deeper and providing courses and education in different topics that are important to you. Our aim is to share with you skills and knowledge that can help you to feel strong and confident - an not necessarily in the fitness and health arena either!

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Mum and Baby Nutrition and Cookery Workshop

Come along for an informative and practical session to learn all there is to know about nutrition for you and your baby. An evidence based session with Abi, a registered nutritionist, consultant and lecturer at Oxford Brookes University.

We are going to discuss and learn all about:
- Optimum nutrition for postnatal recovery.
- How to manage tiredness, mood swings and hormones through food.
- Nutrition for breastfeeding
- Foods for postnatal recovery and healing
- Different milk formulas you may be using and their nutritional content.
- Common allergies.

There will be a practical cooking session during the workshop - don't worry Keri is on hand to rock and entertain the bundles!

You will leave with a full tummy, lots of new ideas and recipes to try at home!

Wed 13th March, 10.30am - 12 noon at Wootton Community Centre. £25 per person.